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跪求新编实用英语综合教程2(第二版)unit1~8课后的习题答案 362393066@qq.com






1.but in this instand

2.often present

3.we thanked our hostess

4.comments were appropriate

5.did't invent

6.have to entertain

7.very explicit

8.can identify


1. be aburden

2. new advances

3. felt lonely

4. music is invisible

5. forgot to insert

6. queen's attendents

7. often pets

8.large chain

9.is preferable

10.50 on deposit

11.was interrupted

12. Evidently,


1. of accommodation

2. to the entrance

3.but his residence

4.the services are

5. read the instructions

6.An additional

7.i must apologize

8. lot of inconvenience

9.soon comfortably

10.are available


1.try to project

2. the parests announced

3. ,he deposited

4. the boy suspiciously

5. ,whereupon he

6. without permission

7. so rotten

8. made a scene

9. refrain

10. too embarrassed



1. Please dial home and tell them i am on the way to the company

2. Since then there was never been any setback in production

3. i saw him insert the key into the lock

4. i suggest that you make a deposit at the bank

5. Yesterday Mr.wang checked out from that hotel .


1. In case of emergency, please dial the alarm number 110.

2. The off-campus students go to and from school every day by school bus.

3. The receptionist jotted down his name and ID number before arranging for his room.

4. Upon departure, please switch off / turn off the air-conditioner.

5. If you have any additional requests or needs, please contact the resident manager.


1. I'm afraid these shoes are not available in your size .

2. Can you smell whether the milk is fresh or not ?

3. He was caught by the policeman pointing a gun at his manager .

4. Jack has a strong idea to succeed in the negotiation .

5. Can you promise to return me the computer in good condition .



1. would buy → bought / shold buy / were to buy

2. smoke → shouldn't smoke / should not smoke

3. must → would / could / should

4.may → should

5.would have → had

6.was promoted → should be promoted

7. did't → hadn't left

8.could buy → could have bought

9.taught → had taught

10.work → worked


1. which →that

2.that →which

3.who →whom

4.which →where

5.who → that

6.which → that

7.which → why

8. whom → that

9.critisms 后面加as

10.that → which 】】


1. He made a note of it in case he might forget.

2. If she had really wanted to see me, she would have come earlier.

3. Because there were no buses, we had to walk home.

4. As soon as I took my seat, the concert started.

5. Though I have never read the novel, I heard the story in my childhood.

6.No sooner had I got home than it began to rain.

7. You’ll be late unless you leave at once.

8.Lest anyone should think it strange, let me assure you that it is quite true.

9.This shirt is still dirty even though / though I’ve washed it twice.

10.Before you know it, your children will have grown up.




1 speak

2. where is he

3. might be with

4. leave a message

5. call me

6. 667-3452

7. welcome


1. date 2. staying 3. a week 4. a room 5. charge 6. hotel cost 7. deposit

8. before



1. Hello , May i speak to Mr. Smith please

2.Yes , please , tell hime to call the director's office , the number is 864-3509

3. It would be best if he cold call this afternoon , at about 2 o'clock

4. thanks a lot


1. Hello

2. i am sorry , but he is not in at the moment , would you like to leave a message ?

3. i 'll tell her as soon as he is back

4. You're welcome .


1. I have a reservation with you. 2. May I have a look at your passport?

3. Would you please fill out the registration form?

4. Here is the key card to Room 5012. 5. The bell-man will show you the way.

Page 57/3

1. I would like to check out.

2. You checked in three days ago.

3. How much is the rate / rent per night?

4. How are you going to pay, in cash or by credit card?

5. Here is the change, $23.


1. But i haven't got a menu yet

2. I would like to try some western food

3. i would like to have a roast beef , a vegetable salad and French

4. A glass of beer , please .

5. What do you have for desert ?

6. i'll take it


1. what sort of beer do you have ?

2. Would you please recommend me a mild one ?

3. Bring me a QingDao beer .

4. It doen't taste good

5. I think that's enough , thank you .


unit 1

在许多情况下,一个单词的意思在美国英语和英国英语里有所不同。(in many cases)

In many cases the meaning of a word differs in American English and British English.

因为他在一个广东人开的餐馆里打过工,所以学会了一些广东话。(pick up)

As he did a part-time job in a restaurant run by a Cantonese, he picked up some Cantonese.

一个复合词的意思并不一定是其构成部分的意思的相加。(not necessarily)

The meaning of a compound (word) is not necessarily the sum of the meanings of its parts /components.

讲英语的外国人一般需要两三个月的时间来习惯澳洲口音。(be accustomed to)

It usually takes an English-speaking foreigner two or three months to get accustomed to the Australian accent.

许多外来词都已经融入到英语里。(mix into) Many foreign words have been mixed into the English language.

这些话都是我的肺腑之言。(straight from) These words came straight from the bottom of my heart.

unit 2

在谈判中如果你对谈判对手了如指掌,你就不用担心会吃亏。(know ... inside out, rest assured, at a disadvantage)

If you know your opponent inside out in a negotiation, you can rest assured that you won’t be at a disadvantage.

你去年的收入总共有多少?(in the aggregate) What was your income last year in the aggregate?

他似乎随时准备与人争论。(plunge into) It seems that he is ready to plunge into argument with others at any time.

一切新产品都应该经过检验才能投放市场。(be subject to)

All new products must be subject to testing before they are launched into the market.

从管理层的角度看,他们是不大可能签订这份合同的。(from the point of view)

From the point of view of the management, it is not likely they will sign the contract.

由于双方各执己见,谈判最终毫无结果。(end up in) Since both sides stuck to their own opinions, the negotiation ended up in nothing.

你应该打起精神来勇敢地面对生活。(psyche up) You should psyche yourself up and face life bravely.

unit 3

因特网的采用已经并且正在对现代社会的各个方面产生巨大的影响。(make an impact on)

The introduction of the Internet has made and is still making huge impacts on every aspect of the modern society.

这对双胞胎长得太像了,我想除了他们自己以外没有人能把他们区分开来。(tell apart)

The twins are so identical in appearance that I am afraid nobody except themselves can tell them apart.

毋庸置言,21世纪初最大的科技成果当属人类基因组工程的胜利完成了。(needless to say)

Needless to say, the greatest scientific achievement at the beginning of the 21st century should be the successful completion of the Human Genome Project.

人类文明史已经表明, 一切进步的、科学的东西必将战胜落后的、邪恶的东西。(demonstrate; win out)

The history of human civilization has demonstrated that what is progressive and scientific will win out over what is backward and evil.

人们关于克隆技术的争论主要集中在是否应该克隆人的问题上。(focus on)

The argument about the cloning technology focuses on the question of whether we should clone human beings.

贫穷夺去了许多农村孩子上学的权利。(deprive of, right to)

Poverty has deprived many children in the countryside of their right to education.

他在会上提出了一个尴尬的问题。(pose) He posed an awkward question at the meeting.

unit 4

伸出手去摸一摸,感觉一下它是什么样子。(reach out and touch)

Reach out and touch it to get the sensation of what it is like.

当然,他们的产品的确能满足年轻人的需要,但有些不合老年人的口味。(meet one's needs)

Of course their products do meet the needs of the young, but some of them are not to the taste of the old.

警察必须配备必要的装备,可以在盗贼隐匿之处(hideout)追捕到他们。(track down)

The police must be equipped with the devices needed to track down the robbers in their hideouts.

从现在开始,史密斯先生将同总裁一起帮助管理公司。(along with)

From now on, Mr. Smith will help manage the company along with the CEO.

当蚊子将一种疾病感染体(agent)从一个人传播到另一个人身上时,这种感染体必须在蚊子体内存活直到传播完成。(transmit to) When a mosquito transmits a disease agent from one person to another, the infectious agent must remain alive inside the mosquito until the transfer is completed.

他们竭尽全力最后证明了那声音是鲸(whales)发出的。(go to great lengths)

They went to great lengths to demonstrate conclusively that the sound is made by whales.

unit 5

我得警告你花费不能超过收入。(in excess of)

I have to warn you that you cannot spend in excess of your income.

这项工程由于技术难度大,没有人能够单独完成。(be in a position to)

As the project is quite difficult technically, nobody is in a position to complete it alone.

他在海外的三年苦读终究没有白费——他做了一家大型合资企业的总裁。(pay off)

His three years of hard work overseas paid off — he is now the CEO of a big joint venture.

许多中国留学生在完成学业后都毅然回国帮助建设。(take the plunge)

Many Chinese students studying overseas take the plunge and return to help develop their home country when they complete their studies.

大火发生时各种各样的动物从各个角落里蜂拥而出。(nooks and crannies)

When the fire broke out all kinds of animals poured / ran out from all nooks and crannies.

收入的不断增加使得普通人家的孩子也能出国留学。(make ... available to)

The ever-increasing income has made studying overseas available to children from average families.

中国在许多高科技领域里所取得的成就不亚于,甚至还超过了西方发达国家的成就。(come near) The achievements made by China in many hi-tech sectors come near or even surpass those made by the developed countries in the West.

unit 6

这首诗的这两行不押韵。(rhyme with) These two lines of the poem do not rhyme with each other.

尽管工程师与艺术家情况不同,但就创造性而言是一致的。(in the same boat)

Though engineers and artists are not in the same boat, they are the same in terms of creativity.

许多学生并不知道这些艺术课程与当好一名工程师有什么关系。(have to do with)

Many students don’t understand what the arts courses have to do with being a good engineer.

当一名工程师意味着你将面临各种各样的问题。(be faced with)

Being an engineer means that you will be faced with all kinds of problems.

我们应该把注意力集中在解决手边的问题上。(at hand) We should focus our attention on solving the problems at hand.

迟早人们会找到治疗这种疾病的有效方法。(come up with) Sooner or later people will come up with a cure for this disease.

uint 7

他惊吓得把所有的门窗都关了起来。(shock ... into) He was shocked into shutting all the doors and windows.

工资加上各种补贴,他的年收入达到近50万元。(amount to ...)

With his salary and all sorts of subsidies his annual income amounts to nearly 500 000 RMB yuan.

迟早人们会认识到全球变暖带来的影响。(a matter of time) It is a matter of time that people will realize the effect of global warming.

更为糟糕的是,傍晚的时候停了电。(to make matters worse) To make matters worse, there was a power cut in the evening.

警察有责任维护公共秩序和公共安全。(be responsible for) The police are responsible for the preservation of public order and security.

保持自然界的平衡至关重要。(be of vital importance) It is of vital importance that the balance of nature be kept.


It was the consensus of the sportswriters that the game should not have been played.

unit 8

在欧洲合同原则上是书面的,而且起草得相当详细。(as a principle, minutely drafted)

In Europe, contracts as a principle are put in writing, and written contracts are minutely drafted.

即使日本的合同是书面文字的,那也常常仅仅是很简明扼要的。(summary nature)

Even if Japanese contracts are put in writing, they are often only of a summary nature.


I have little inclination to listen to you all evening.

学生的好坏不能简单地凭成绩来判断。(be judged as)

Students cannot be judged as being "good" or "bad" simply by their grades only.

你把价格降低10%,真慷慨。(be generous)

It's very generous of you to cut down your price by 10%.

这种观念受传统影响根深蒂固,很难轻易改变。(be rooted in)

Being deeply rooted in tradition, such ideas cannot be changed easily.

相反,在现代中国男女是平等的。(on the contrary)

On the contrary, men and women are equal in modern China.

21 It is not a situation where we have no choice.


22 It is not a post / position where you can bring your talents into full play.


23 Negotiation is an art that we have to grasp and without it we are at a definite disadvantage in doing business.


24 Interpersonal communication is a skill that we have to be good at and without it we are at a definite disadvantage in many cases.


25 It is very unlikely that she would stay abroad to make a living.


26 Under such circumstances it is quite unlikely that we would be able to succeed.


27 This justified the reasons why I had refused them.


28 The high level of difficulty justified the reasons why the project progressed slowly.


29 The efforts they have made to improve the relations between the two countries have earned them accolades.


30 The contributions China has made to world peace have won her a good reputation in international affairs.


31 According to a survey male students tend to play games online, whereas female students tend to chat online.


32 The husband wants a house, whereas the wife would rather live in a flat.


33 In trying to understand others you’re likely to be understood.


34 In helping the poor areas to develop their economy we also developed ourselves.


35 We must develop economy. On the other hand, we must pay attention to environmental protection.


36 You should learn to speak fluent English. On the other hand, you should try to express yourself accurately.


37 What we need is honesty and hard work.


38 What he lacks is related work experience.


39 I know only too well what is in his mind.


40 I know only too well what he means by saying this.


41 It is estimated that half of the urban families will have their own cars in ten years’ time.


42 It is estimated that the coal mine will last us fifty years.


43 Malnutrition in his childhood is responsible for his present poor health.


44 John was responsible for our defeat in the match for he was absent when we needed him most.


45 To make matters worse, he forgot his glasses at home.


46 To make matters worse, he mispronounced her name.


47 It is a challenge that offers you not only a successful career, but also a warm welcome.


48 It is a challenge that not only offers us an opportunity to overcome the difficulties but also creates a promising future for us.


49 In order not to make his parents disappointed, Xiao Qiang works very hard on his lessons.


50 In order not to be looked down upon by his colleagues, Jack was determined to start a new life.


51 In the control of production process computers are of considerable use.


52 In negotiations with the rival his assistant was of extreme importance.


53 This is especially true in their mutual relations.


54 This is especially true in the relations between study and entertainment.


55 In China, on the other hand, there is an inclination to treat this kind of behavior as impolite.


56 In school, on the other hand, there is an inclination to consider this kind of argument as unacceptable.


57 I should point out that further delay would be unwise.


58 I should point out that all the pirated disks we have discovered have to be destroyed within this week.


59 I did have a problem when the local government declinedour request before considering it.


60 I did have a problem when the local authority only closed my store.


61 Imagine if all banks refused to lend any money to that company, it would go bankrupt soon.


62 Imagine if all the icebergs on the earth melted because of the greenhouse effect, what disaster would the human race run into?


63 He is well aware that buying stock is a risky investment.


64 I was aware that he was ill at ease, despite his efforts at conversations.


65 Do you find it rather difficult to deal with Jack?


66 I find it quite difficult to get used to the hot, wet weather here.



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